@SoundWave play [link / attached file / query] [...args?]

The main command to play a song on Soundwave, optional arguments can be added


Flags that can be added to any part of the query

Short Flags
Accepted Values
--song -s - Tries to get the music version of the song specified
--override -o - Overrides the default setting for the detected input, useful when song doesn't exist on the selected search mechanism.
--volume -v Number Sets the volume of the song specified, accepts any seconds or standard time code
--repeat -r track OR queue Sets the repeat mode of the player when the song is played.
--effect -e Any valid effects Sets the effect of the player when reached, accepts any valid effects. If used with a playlist link, only the first song will be applied
--startAt - Any valid timecodes Begin the song at a certain time. If used with a playlist link, only the first song will be applied


Searches "Alcohol Free" using default mechanism

@SoundWave play Alcohol Free

Searches "Alcohol Free" and getting the song version of it

@SoundWave play Alcohol Free --song

Parses the Spotify link, and overrides the default search engine behavior as there is no music equivalent to it.

@SoundWave play --override

This example:

  • Plays Alcohol free, while getting the song version of it
  • Applies 8d effects,
  • Begins the song at 1 minute and 35 seconds,
  • Sets the track volume at 130%.
@SoundWave play Alcohol Free --song --effect 8d --repeat track --startAt 1:35 --volume 130

Things to note:

  • The position of arguments is not important. They will be extracted regardless of which comes first.
  • Songs with - might interfere with the extractor. To avoid this problem remove all - from the song name,
  • Spotify links will default to search for the music version. This might yield different results depending on the track validity on different platforms. To ensure it gets the right track, use the --overide flag.
  • Arguments are persisted throughout the queue. This allows for simple logic programming of the bot by utilizing move